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COVID-19 Latest Updates

The Lincoln Surgical Hospital (LSH) has always focused on preventing the spread of infection.  So in this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented enhanced infection prevention protocols to ensure a safe environment for our patients, staff, and providers. These precautionary measures are being implemented for the continued safe delivery of care at LSH.  While these measures may be an inconvenience, we ask for your patience as we prepare you for your surgery. We believe this will be temporary and will improve as situations normalize.  Upon entering the hospital, the following protocols will be followed:

Screening/Testing Prior to Surgery

  • Prior to your surgery, you will be called by one of our Pre-Admission RN’s to discuss your current health status.  You will be asked the same questions upon arrival the day of your surgery.  Screenings are performed to ensure you remain healthy prior to your procedure. 
  • Depending on your symptoms, your surgery may be postponed to when you meet symptom free guidelines.
  • You may be required to be tested for COVID-19 prior to surgery.  We will work with your surgeon to determine the best plan for COVID-19 testing prior to surgery.

Safety Measures

  • LSH will be taking additional precautionary measures to limit the risk of exposure by following the CDC’s guidance and requiring all patients, as well as any potential visitors, to wear a face covering while at our facility. A homemade mask or scarf covering your mouth and nose would be appropriate. Masks with vents or valves are prohibited.
  • We will be practicing social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet separation whenever possible.
  • To protect our patients, all staff will be taking their temperatures at the start of their shift, all LSH team members are required to self-screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms. Should one of our team members exhibit any symptoms, they have been asked to refrain from coming to any of our facilities. Additionally, all patient-facing team members are required to wear a mask while at work.


  • To protect our patients, staff and community from the risks associated with COVID-19, LSH continues to have a restricted visitor policy. 
  • One adult visitor 19 years of age or older may accompany the patient into the hospital. We understand this may be an inconvenience. However, the safety of our patients, healthcare workers and the community is our number one priority
  • All visitors will be screened for illness and exposure to COVID-19 and will be required to wear a face covering while at LSH. Masks with vents or valves are prohibited.
  • We also understand there may be circumstances that require exceptions to our visitor policy. This may include minors or dependent adults, needing caregivers to provide additional support. 
  • You may view our Visitor Restrictions policy at       

This information will be updated as the situation locally, or the situation at LSH, changes.

For the latest on general information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we suggest the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or calling the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services at (402) 552-6645.

Thank you for your understanding and choosing the Lincoln Surgical Hospital for your surgery and for doing your part to keep our community safe.

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