Outpatient Pharmacy Service

Outpatient Pharmacy Service

With your comfort and convenience in mind, Lincoln Surgical Hospital has developed a retail pharmacy service to dispense your new medications that are prescribed by our surgeons to you prior to leaving the hospital.

With this new service, you will be able to:

  • Skip the lines at the pharmacy
  • Avoid the headache of dealing with inventory and third party limitations
  • Receive all of your medications before leaving the hospital
  • Receive counseling and have all of your questions and concerns about your medications addressed by our in-house pharmacists
  • Return directly to the comfort of your home so you can rest and start your recovery process
  • Generic medications are available at low cost of $5 per prescription

This service provided by our pharmacy is completely voluntary as a convenience to our patients. If you wish to use your prescription drug insurance benefit to potentially obtain your medications at a reduced cost, you may do so at your preferred pharmacy.

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